Odin Forward (“OF”), a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit affiliate of Odin Properties LLC (“Odin”), provides charitable investments directly and to other non-profit entities with the goal of reducing inequality by empowering individuals, especially in America’s Inner Cities. We believe that chief among the institutions that require additional attention is the educational system. A complex multifaceted process, education is the primary driver for economic and social mobility for individuals in the United States and for our nation on the global stage. As such, OF strives to encourage entrepreneurial non-profit efforts as instruments of advancing the education of our inner city youth, while respecting the important role that housing, recreation, and community play in that process. Odin has long focused on investing to improve properties in workforce housing neighborhoods and maintaining natural housing affordability, and although we believe Odin has thus been instrumental in also improving personal outcomes for individuals in those communities, Odin Forward formalizes our non-profit efforts to that end. It is clear that we have a lot more work to do, and we will continue to strive to get it done.

Focused Athletics

Focused Athletics was founded by individuals associated with Odin Forward and incubated with the support of Odin affiliate infrastructure and financing. Its stated goal is to “do our part in empowering young people in Philadelphia to follow their dreams and succeed academically, athletically, and professionally. Through a thoughtfully curated multifaceted program, our students gain the awareness, confidence, and determination to reach higher than they ever thought possible.” Indeed, Focused has tutored many student athletes in various disciplines, allowing them to achieve both higher education and other personal goals. OF continues to support Focused financially and with the support of OF personnel.